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Through the representation of our products and during this journey we are hoping to inspire, motivate and encourage other little kinky, curly, coily, beautiful girls to be CONFIDENT in everything that they do! love and take pride in themselves, remind them on a daily basis to embrace their true divine beauty in such a great, unique, fashionable, extraordinary way! 🚀

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Sometimes the key to preventing dryness is simple as wearing our satin crown bonnet.

Extra long satin smerf bonnets.
Our extra long satin Smerf bonnets are built with a soft band, foldable with a front button. Suitable for holding long natural hair, braids, locs, up-do's and more.

So easy and convenient, every night just slip it on.
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Amia Chantel Collection
Our Large Backpack can fit just about anything you need! With two zip pockets, a small slip pocket, a laptop sleeve, and two exterior side pockets there's plenty of space for your items.
Use the interior small slip pocket to organize your smaller items.
Amia Chantel Collection
Hair Growth Oil
Our hair growth oil collection offers different options that cater both children and adults. These are handmade with love and will significantly facilitate your hair growth.
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